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Audio Electronics

Our aim is simple. We want you to feel the music you love, every note, every detail but with the ability to customise your needs on an open platform. Suitable for professionals and amateur DIY audio enthusiasts alike the products allow modularisation of components in kit form, bare printed circuit boards or fully assembled kits. Products are available in through hole designs as well as surface mount.



The Switching Matrix is customisable multi bus switchboard suitable for switching high currents for test and measurement purposes. The unit can have up to twenty inputs selectable onto eight busses. High current units up to 40 Amperes and high voltage units up to 3000Vdc are available. The unit can be controlled manually by the front panel controls or via simple windows software over USB or ethernet. 


The Modular Bench Power Supply is an all-in-one customisable high voltage and high current power supply allowing up to four modules to be configured for voltages up to 3000Vdc. Modules can be configured for passive regulation or active as well as autotransformer control. Soft starts and other protection features can be enabled by the user.


Phono Stage 101

Phono stage 101 is a simple discrete MM phono stage with RIAA correction filters. Input impedance and gain are customisable. 

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